USTAR North brings together local businesses, governmental agencies, and educational institutions in order to facilitate the commercialization of new technology. We invite any Utah entrepreneur or 

USTAR Northresearcher to contact us with their business ideas which have the potential to generate $5 million or more in yearly revenue.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea that you would like to pitch to us, please first ensure that it adheres to the following criterea:

  1. You need to have an invention that is patented or patentable 
    One way to gain a competitive advantage over possible competitors in the market is to have a proprietary technology or intellectual property. In order for USTAR to engage with you, your product/service needs to be patentable.
  2. Your idea needs to have the potential to exploit national and/or international markets and create high-wage jobs within Utah
  3. Your business needs to be located in Utah
  4. Your business needs to have the potential to be a multi-million dollar enterprise
    USTAR will work with start-ups trying to grow from $0 in revenue to $5 million, as well as established concerns trying to grow from $10 million to $50 million or more. The larger your potential market and market share are, the higher the likelihood we can help you.

USTAR weighs the four criteria above to determine our highest priority projects. If your organization meets these criteria, we would like to talk with you further to determine your needs and goals. Please e-mail us and indicate briefly your interest and some background on your business. A USTAR team member will contact you to discuss next steps.

Because our resources are limited, we are only able to work with the most promising opportunities.