Team Overview

The team investigates how genetic cognitive disorders, such as Down Syndrome and Williams Syndrome,  affect brain circuitry to learn how these and other cognitive and  psychiatric disorders, such as mental  retardation and anxiety, can be treated.


Julie Korenberg

Julie Korenberg, PhD, M.D.

Li Dai

Li Dai, PhD

Promising Research Projects

  • Discovery of the genetic basis of intelligence in Williams Syndrome, a finding with implications for understanding intelligence, and treating neurological disease, in the general population
  • Producing a three-dimensional wiring diagram of the brain limbic system, leading to a better understanding of the neural circuitry underlying cognitive and psychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and autism
  • Dissecting gene networks associated with cognitive disabilities observed in individuals with Down syndrome
  • Genomic screening to decipher gene network interactions that contribute to Williams Syndrome symptoms, including mental retardation and an outgoing personality

Results So Far

  • Material transfer agreement re: Down Syndrome