Now is the time to learn proven techniques to grow your business. Startup Weekend NEXT is an intensive, in-person, mentor-driven course meant to assist startups in the beginning stages of development.

The Utah Science Technology and Research initiative (USTAR) along with Startup Ogden is pleased to partner with Startup Weekend to bring this exciting program to Davis County. Startup Weekend NEXT lean startup training program is a five-week program focused on customer discovery methodology developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Steve Blank.

“Steve Blank is a world renowned startup expert. We are excited to bring his Startup NEXT program to Utah for the first time. This is a terrific chance for startups to learn proven ways to grow,” said Alex Lawrence, Weber State Vice Provost.

Participants will enroll in courses that are built after Blank’s Lean Launchpad’ curriculum, and are a perfect follow-on to Startup Weekend. The Lean Launchpad curriculum has been taught in some of the nation’s top universities such as Stanford, Cal-Berkeley, and Columbia. The program is an effective preparatory course for acceptance into some of the nation’s most prestigious accelerator programs. Additionally, teams who go through the Startup NEXT program will be eligible for the next round of USTAR’s Go-To-Market Grants, which focuses on bringing innovative new technologies to market in partnership with Utah’s public universities and colleges.

“Startup Weekend NEXT provides entrepreneurs with the tools and skills necessary to understand their customers in a much more intimate way—allowing them to build their products, services, and companies in a more efficient and effective way,” said John Ward, the Startup Weekend NEXT facilitator for Northern Utah.

Startup Weekend NEXT will be held each Wednesday evening starting March 13 through April 10, at the Northfront Business Resource Center at the Davis Applied Technology College in Kaysville, UT. The cost is $250 a person with team discounts available. The registration fee also includes dinner and registration is capped at 10 companies. To register for Startup Weekend Next visit: