USTAR Office at World Trade Center at City Creek

The USTAR headquarters office is located in the World Trade Center at City Creek. The office is shared with USTAR’s partner organizations. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development, World Trade of Utah and the Office of Energy Development are co-located to help enhance the ability to build a stronger economy for Utah.

The HQ staff oversees the operation of the USTAR mission and provides marketing and administrative functions. For regional outreach, please visit the individual teams.

Meet the HQ Staff

 Ted McAleer

Ted McAleer, Executive Director

Prior to USTAR, McAleer was the Director of Business Development for The University of Utah’s Technology Venture Development organization. Ted has 20 years of experience in technology innovation, business development, and product, services and operations management in both start-up and mature corporations. He has been Chief Operating Officer for Teleoptic Digital Imaging, LLC and the Sr. Director of Implementation services at Campus Pipeline, Inc. He has also worked for SunGard SCT, Procter and Gamble, PepsiCo. and the US Army. He holds a MBA from Harvard Business School, a Master of Engineering from the University of Virginia and a BS in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Ronda Robbins Jones, Executive Assistant

Before joining USTAR, Ronda worked for various medical offices and schools. She has worked as an executive assistant for over 12 years, which has given her a diverse wealth of experience working with business leaders, professional offices and government agencies. She has vast experience with coordinating pre-study activities, managing educational programs and dealing with complex HR issues. She has served as a HIPPA and COBRA compliance officer and is an accredited ACCME officer. She is a graduate of the University of Utah. When not at the office, she helped develop one of SLC’s volunteer neighborhood watch programs. She is active in gardening and historical research. But most of all, she loves a good mystery.

 Justin Berry

Justin Berry, Marketing Manager

Justin has over 10 years experience working in communications, marketing and public relations. His experience comes from working with live theatre companies to create and market their “brand” and maximizing their social media reach. He not only created the marking plan, but produced the art and support files to create the visual look and feel of the campaigns. He has a passion for the arts and for learning. He is a graduate of Utah State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications (PR and Journalism). He is also active in the Salt Lake theatre community as a performer.

 Elenor Heyborne

Elenor Heyborne, Marketing Assistant

Elenor is a public relations and marketing assistant for USTAR, and supports staff in promoting USTAR’s mission. She is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in strategic communication at the University of Utah, and has an expected graduation date of December 2014. Before coming to USTAR, Elenor worked at the Enterprise Business Newspaper for eight years as production manager and copy editor.

 Jim Grover

Jim Grover, Financial Manager and Analyst

Jim Grover is the most recent member of the USTAR team. He brings experience in budget, policy, and operation measures from serving the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget as a budget and policy analyst and operations specialist for economic development agencies and the System of Higher Education. Operational initiatives in which he has participated include the Balanced Scorecard, Optimization Commission, Agency Realignment Commission, 66% by 2020, PACE plan and the Success Framework. He holds a B.A. in Marketing and a M.B.A. from the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. He and his family enjoy biking, running, swimming, and skiing together in Utah’s rich outdoors.

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